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Today we put up a blog here on Fleshlight Reviews. Check it out

Fleshlight Sex in a Can

Fleshlight released a new product line, Sex in a Can. Check out our Sex in a Can review!

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Do you own the #1 Male Sex Toy?

Welcome to Fleshlight Reviews!
Fleshlight is probably *the* most realistic penetration stimulator ever created!

Unlike all other male sex toys, Fleshlight is designed with a new kind of material called Real Feel Superskin®.

In fact, the new material feels so real that some would say it feels even better than a real vagina.

Don't take our word for it, check out the animation and judge for yourself! Or...see some user created Fleshlight demo videos.

4 Reasons why you need a Fleshlight

It improves the physical sensation of sexual intercourse
Fleshlight will train your stamina so you'll "last longer"
You can use it wherever and whenever you want
Fleshlight feels so real and it's so much fun!!

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Fleshlight User Reviews

I am a widower and I've tried many different artificial vaginas over the years but none of them come even close to the almost indescribable effect Fleshlight gives me.

The problem with most artificial vaginas is the fake rubber but FL doesn't have this problem at all. The material they use for FL is almost like real skin.

I'm currently using my FL twice a day so you could say I'm hooked! So to everyone out there...this product is the real deal and worth every penny.

Fleshlight in one word ....AWESOME! I have my Fleshlight for a couple of weeks now and it is just fantastic!!

In the beginning when my wife was introduced to it, she was a little standoffish but then we got to playing with it! she LOVED it!!

We use it as a foreplay toy. she loves to tease me with it...

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